According to Art.13 Law 196/03, VACUUMATTEIS SRL is pleased to inform you that your personal data collected through the present web site will be processed in printed, computing and telematic forms ways according to the Privacy Code in force.

Processing of such data will take place for administrative, management, personnel selection, statistics, commercial and marketing purposes.

Entering of such data is optional, however should you decide not to enter it, VACUUMATTEIS SRL will not be able to register your data in your own data file and therefore will be unable to get in touch with you and follow up any eventual

business relations with you.

With reference to the said data, you can exercise your rights as detailed in sub Art.7 of Law n.196/2003 (please see the text below).

Head of data treatment is VACUUMATTEIS SRL with legal office in Monte Marenzo(LC) – 23804 – via Roma 4.

This being stated, without any communication to the contrary from you, we deem that you consent to the processing of your data for the aforesaid purposes by VACUUMATTEIS SRL.

Thank you for the cooperation.

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1) The interested party has the right to be informed about his personal data, even if not registered, and the right of clear communication.

2) The interested party has the right to know:

a)The origin of his personal data;

b)The purpose and method of processing:

c)The way of telematics processing;

d)The name of the controller, the person in charge, and the representative appointed as per Art.5, comma II;

e)The persons or groups to whom the personal data may be communicated or the person that could come to acknowledge them in a position of representative in Italy, manager or employee.

3) The interested party has the right to obtain:

a)Updating, amendment or, when it is in his interests, integration of his data;

b)Deletion, transformation in an anonymous way or the stoppage of any data processed in an illegal manner;

including data for which the conservation is not necessary with reference to the collection and processing purposes;

c)The statement that the operations sub a) and b) had been communicated to the persons to whom data had been

communicated or spread except in the case of impossibility or the use of excessive means un-proportioned in relation to the right.

4) The interested party has the right to refuse, in whole or in part:

a)the processing of his personal data for any legitimate reason;

b)the processing of his personal data for mailing or direct marketing or market research, or commercial




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