Centralized systems

The high degree of knowledge and experience allow us to design and build customized solutions for many applications in woodworking industries, printing and paper industries, conveying, packaging, impregnation, degassing, evacuation, moulding industries, glass industries.
The centralized systems are suitable to supply the vacuum or compressed air where a large number of single vacuum pumps or single compressors are connected to the operating machines. The vacuum pumps or compressors are installed in a separate room so that emissions (heat, noise, oil fumes ) in work area are reduced.
The centralized systems are composed of vacuum pumps or compressors, pipes for connection to operating machines, electrical panel for managing the operation of the vacuum pumps or compressors. The operation of pumps can be managed automatically by software or manually.
The centralized systems offer the following advantages: energy saving, easy maintenance with reduction of times and costs, reduction of noise, reduction of oil fumes and heat in production facility, optimization of capacity of vacuum pumps and compressors. The centralized systems are designed and configured for the specific requirements of customers and for the specific requirements of applications.