Dry running rotary claw vacuum pumps

Claw vacuum pumps series DHS are developed for industrial applications that need both vacuum and oil free air. That pumps are characterized by contact free working, no sealing fluid inside the body of pump, air cooling and energy saving.

They are available with capacity of 360 mc/h and final pressure up to 150 mbar absolute.

The working principle is easy: two claw shaped contact free rotors rotate inside the body of pump and suck air when they meet the inlet port. The reduction of volume between claws causes the compression of air and its discharging. Claw rotors are synchronized by gears. A centrifugal fan cools the body of pump.

Contact free rotation of claw rotors causes reduction of wearing parts, reduction of maintenance and reduction of electric power consumption for pump work.

U.M. DHS 360
Portata 50 Hz mc/h 360
Capacity 60 Hz 432
Pressione finale residua
mbar 150
Final over pressure
Tensione 50 Hz Volt 400-690
Voltage 60 Hz 480-828
Potenza 50 Hz KW 7,5
Power 60 Hz 9,2
N° giri 50 Hz (min) -¹ 3000
Twist number 60 Hz 3600
Livello di pressione acustica 50 Hz dB(A) 80
Sound pressure level 60 Hz 81
Attacco aspirazione
Pollice 2
Suctioning connection
Attacco scarico 50 Hz Pollice 2
Draining connection 60 Hz Inch
Peso 50 Hz Kg 288
Weight 60 Hz 310
mm 650
Lunghezza 50 Hz mm 1051
Length 60 Hz 1201
mm 510